DSrupted 2015 A Go!

DSrupted 2015 is  underway at 25 York Street, behind Union Station, Toronto. The hashtag for today is #DSrupted. As attendees of last year’s event we know first hand just how awesome today’s incarnation will be!

dsrupted2015Leveraging Toronto’s international status as a major base for digital signage and related cmpanies, DSrupted brings local and international players together to learn and network. This year’s impressive sponsor list reflects the huge buzz Toronto generates within marketing, communications and signage sectors. The event organiser is Dave Haynes, Founder/Editor of the acclaimed Sixteen:Nine blog. Dave is a well-known figure in the digital signage and Digital Out Of Home sectors and leads both The Preset Group and pressDOOH.


If you cannot make the event, but will be in downtown Toronto later afternoon, there will be post-event beers at Real Sports, across from the venue and steps from the entrance to the ACC.

The 2015 sponsors:

riselogoRise Vision – The Toronto-based but really virtual software firm makes the widely-used open source content management system that goes by the same name. It’s feature-rich yet free – the company making its money through premium enhancements, and content store and its sister company, integrator Rise Display. This is the second year for sponsorship by Rise.

PATTISON Onestop – PATTISON Onestop is the digitalpattonestopsignage/place-based media division of PATTISON Outdoor, Canada’s largest privately held outdoor media firm. A sponsor for a second time, PATTISON Onestop builds, manages and sell times on a variety of networks – includingt the very prominent one running on Toronto’s subway platforms.

cineplexlogoCineplex Digital Solutions – The third returning sponsor is Cineplex Digital Solutions, which could be described in a number of ways. They develop strategy, build and fund networks, service other networks, develop content, and on and on. They work with some of Canada’s largest companies, including big banks and property developers. The parent company is Canada’s dominant cinema chain.

NEC Display – If you consider options for high-quality commercial screens for projects, you already know all about NEC and its impressive line of displays, projectors and related gear.

– Christie’s roots are in cinema projectors, and that’s still a big part of the company’s business. But theseCHRISTIE-logodays Christie provides a truly broad spectrum of options for digital canvases – from fine pixel pitch LED and Microtiles to LCD and projection mapping that can be anything from a tiny object to the Empire State Building. The company, in part through its acquisition of Arsenal Media, is now active both in developing ideas and creating content, and media sales.

The host for DSrupted is TELUS, via its lead guy on digital signage, Dave Carbert. Dave and his team were a huge help last year and again this year – providing a great venue, support staff and logistical assistance.

telus_logoIf you are in Canada, you know TELUS is one of the country’s largest telecommunications providers – and like most of these very large companies is active in digital signage projects. TELUS, for example, is a big part of the ambitious SportChek flagship stores that have opened in the last couple of years.


Canadian Gaming Awards Review: Fantastic Venue and Awesome AV

Held at the historic Carlu in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, The Canadian Video Game Awards (CVAs) set place on November 21, 2014. This year’s awards were a culmination of both 2013 and 2014, encapsulating the audience for a real treat.


In the VIP reception section the Canadian Video Game Awards utilized digital signage by engaging the attendees with a photo booth where they could interact with an on screen display, which included advertising and any photo’s were immediately uploaded to the twittersphere. Inside the award ceremony chambers the CVA’s needed to find a way to effortlessly switch between awards to be given out in a category for both 2013 and 2014. In order to do this the CVA’s turned to digital signage.

The elegant display surrounding both sides of the stage helped engage award attendees and get them to take note of the signage displaying lively animations to keep their attention. The AV performance was impressive. Behind the presenters attendees were constantly blasted with various graphic design animations accompanied with enthralling, originally composed songs.


While nominees were being announced their games were placed on the illustrious 20ft by 30ft high definition projected display. The display was clear and crisp and truly brought out the detail and artwork the game designers had worked so meticulously on creating their masterpieces.

If you missed your chance to attend the CVAs this in 2014, they will be held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2015, for anyone who has interest in digital signage, game design and development, broadcasting, or video games themselves this is an event that you should make time to see in 2015.

5 Predictions for 2015 from L Squared Digital Signage

Gajendra Ratnavel and the team at L Squared take a look at likely developments in the Digital Signage (or should we call it the ‘Public Video’) space in the next 12 months.


Wow! Its 2015 already?! Well let’s go fellow Digital Signage enthusiasts!

2015 is going to be a big year for the industry. L Squared is pleased to say that we’re involved in some of the biggest projects coming out of North America in the coming months. Spoilers.. more to come on that later.

For now let’s take an overview of what could happen in Digital Signage this year. Here are our top 5 predictions:

1. Digital Signage finally becomes a mainstay of the ‘standard digital marketing mix’

2015 will be the year that Digital Signage comes out of the shadows and fits firmly at the heart of integrated marketing campaigns.

Better Digital Signage CMS technology and more intelligent content scheduling has laid the foundations for this year to see general adoption of digital signage along side other forms of advertising and the more established marketing channels such as social and email.

Digital Marketing

2. HR gets involved:

As Marketing bosses bring Digital Signage into budgets, so too will HR. We’d predict that it will still be a while until HR really embraces the internal communications power which the channel offers but events like socialhrcamp are already paving the way for Digital Signage to fill an important employee engagement gap.

3. iBeacons and NFC proliferate

iBeacons and NFC are technologies that are sparking tests, concepts and consternation among digital signage network operators and software providers. In 2015, Apple will unlock its NFC chip, opening up a wave of adoption. iBeacon tests will spread quickly.

Both approaches will endure, but with differing use cases. There does not appear to be a clear path to integration with digital signage for the push technology, iBeacon.

We predict that, for now, the pull technology of NFC, bolstered by payment systems, will have more relevance to digital signage as there are logical integration points.

4. Content rationalization steps forward

The coming trend in content will be automated tools for autocorrecting content encoding to optimize playout on digital signs or other platforms.

HTML has won the battle for the hearts and minds of both content producers and software providers. We’ll see tools, like L Squared’s Hub, which make assets useful across mediums (responsive) in an automated way.

5. Digital Signage A.K.A Public Video

There’s been a lot of noise recently about rebranding our technology as “Public Video”.

Will the DPAA, (formerly OVAB), become the PVAA? Our prediction is that the term ‘Digital Signage’, even if its not to the liking of some Sales and Branding types, is probably here to stay but who knows! The sector is growing and diversifying so quickly that we may well be called L Squared Public Video by the time we make predictions for 2016. We hope not as it would mean a logo redesign :)

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