Ubisoft adds In-Game Digital Signage Easter Eggs to Watch Dogs

In the recently released title from Ubisoft named Watch Dogs you play the role as a rogue

hacker on a mission to save his family from an evil gang organization. Much to players surprise Ubisoft

has added in a few Easter eggs using digital signage to reference some pop culture and internet meams.

If users use their phones to hack into digital signage throughout the game the signs will generate

randomized content such as “Don’t Taze Me Bro” or a reference to the internet doge meme “Wow Such

Hack So Criminal Wow” as well as a throwback to the days of the goonies with “Do The Truffle Shuffle”.


This is a great way for a videogame company to use digital signage to wow the player who though

they’ve done everything into a few extra hours of in game hilarity.


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