3 Tips for Companies Considering Digital Signage

Top 3 tips for anyone considering using any type of digital technology in their business:


  1. Think like a consumer and put yourself in their shoes – Before you implement digital technology, literally look at it from your consumer’s point of view to see what is working well, not working and where there is missed opportunity.  Even better is to get an outside consultant to give you an honest, “outside-in” perspective. This small investment could save you a lot of money by keeping you from big mistakes in your implementation to market.
  2. Invest some time and budget into creating relevant content – As a marketer I understand that marketing budgets are never big enough to do everything we want, but taking a small portion of it to create relevant content that is fit for purpose will guarantee a much better ROI. The lack of good content, just like the example I shared above, means lost sales, a poor brand perception and damage to your brand.
  3. Missed opportunities can’t be measured – How will you know exactly what these missed opportunities will cost you? Chances are you won’t as most people who have a negative experience won’t tell you — they will simply stop buying from you or change their perception of your brand. This is why getting the basics right is so important for your brand.

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