L Squared Offers Summer Special

Has your business ever considered using touchscreen displays or kiosks to solve business problems but found it too costly or too much work?

Check out our Summer Plug and Play specials that feature 46” Touchscreen Displays either wall mountable or in a sleek black free-standing model.

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Summer Plug and Play Pricing Specials!
46” Touchscreen Displays and Kiosks

Connect your customers with a database of options for Products or Services, Interactive Floorplans or Maps, Videos, Testimonials, 2D models, HD images or directories.

Great for Healthcare and Education facilities, Hotels and Conference Venues, Retailers with Floor space or too many SKU’s, Corporate buildings needing directories, Condo’s and so many more options.


Hardware Pricing $2999.00* for 46” models
Total Package including Software $4999.00**

Ask about our all in one package of customized software designed for large format touch screens and kiosks!

Get our Kiosk Package which includes our Plug and Play special:

46” Kiosk or Wall Display Unit
Includes PC and Touch
L Squared TouchLINKTM Software
Customized to your Business Needs


Contact L Squared


*Subject to final approval and review by L Squared Development team regarding special requests and specific customizations
** Does Not Include, Support, Shipping, Delivery, Installation or other peripherals


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