Digital Signage Content

Warning: 3 reasons why digital signage campaigns fall flat!

When it comes to the success of a campaign, the right content is critical. Having the right content can create a buzz and a return, while the wrong content can make a campaign bomb.

Campaigns tend to fail when the content: 1) isn’t concise and clear, 2) isn’t relevant to the target audience, or 3) isn’t promoting a compelling offering with clear CTAs.

1. Keep it simple: Being too wordy creates clutter on digital signage and the entire message can easily get lost. Remember that digital signage isn’t like having a print publication in your hand; your message must be absorbed in a matter of seconds, so oftentimes, less is more. I’ve seen far too many campaign ads that read too much like an article.

2. Make sure your message is relevant and is reaching the right audience: Running a campaign for a winter fur store to an 18-35 demographic may not generate the best results for your campaign.

3. Be convincing: Not running a compelling offering (if you are trying to get consumers to your store with a sale) means you’re running the risk of not getting someone’s attention. Powerful CTAs are a must!



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