Dean Lacheur, Managing Director, Emersion Media Corp

Co-Founded the Elevator News Network (ENN) which later became Captivate Networks. ENN was a pioneering OOH digital media at the time of it’s launch in 1995. Left Captivate in 2007, but has continued to work in the digital signage and advertising industry to this day in various management, sales, and business development functions.


Dean’s management, business, and sales style has lead to the success of self-founded ventures in both the advertising and engineering industries and has demonstrated a pattern of out-of-the box thinking, passion, and the ability to deliver on a vision. Such successes also speak to the diverse range of interests and experiences encountered during his 20 year career that has embraced challenge and adapted to change. His demand for the highest level of personal and professional integrity of himself and others continually leads to trust, respect, and results. A consistent track record of delivering value to clients and building loyal corporate teams has lead to the development of an enviable reputation and a long list of clients and colleagues that will undoubtedly be integral to future ventures.

Specialties: Digital Signage, Out-of-Home Advertising Sales, Business Development, Corporate Management, and
Project Management


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