Digital Signage Content

Digital signage tip 1: Content Is King

Content MUST be lively, relevant and appealing. It’s not TV. It’s not the web. It’s signage. You can’t just have the same advertising 24 hours a day. And it MUST be relevant to where the customer is and what he or she is doing. For example, I’ve seen a network in a fast food chain that had some very nice LCD screens, but instead of up selling the customer on the new menu item, they have ads for toilet paper. What does this have to do with fast food? Is this the impression you want to give your customer? Of course not. Wouldn’t you rather find out about the new menu items as a customer? And as a venue owner, wouldn’t you rather up sell your customer to increase your revenue per customer? Of course. The customer’s wallet is open. Go for the up-sell!

And you need to be sensitive to WHERE your customer is. If you are a home improvement store, selling snow blowers in the wintertime might work well in Minneapolis, but is definitely not going to work in New Orleans. You must have a system that is able to generate individualized content easily and cost effectively. If your system is only able to play MPEGs, how can you afford to create unique videos for each store? And if all of your content is MPEG, how can you afford to SEND the content. Five hundred stores needing 1 gigabyte of MPEG video each month is 500GB of traffic on your network. Few retailers have this kind of “spare bandwidth lying around”. You might want to consider a satellite multicast network. You also might want to look carefully at your software, to efficiently produce lower bandwidth content more easily.


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