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Digital signage tip 3: Keep it fresh

Everyone can do a big update. No problem. Just send hundreds of MPEGs to each location. Brute force and ignorance can make this happen (although perhaps not as easily as you might have originally thought).

But what if you need to just update the price of something at the last minute? How hard is that? How long does that take to make the change? And how many megabytes (or better yet kilobytes) do you need to send in order to make this change? And if we’re talking megabytes, how long will it take to transmit, for instance, 100 megabytes to 500 stores for a “simple price change”?

Choosing the right architecture can make the difference between a system that is a joy to work with and a system that looks to your IT department as a “denial of service attack”. Obviously having a system that can do small updates with small file sizes makes this a breeze.


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