DSrupted speaker profiles: Doug Thompson, dot3

DSrupted is happening soon in sunny Toronto. The trade event, slated for September 17, 2014 is a subtle tweak of Digital Signage and Disrupted, and the handle for a new one-day conference.

The conference will focus on the emerging technologies that are changing the way Digital Signage projects are planned, budgeted and managed, and how this tech is greatly expanding the eco-system and competitive landscape.

Here’s the low-down on another awesome speaker at the Digital Signage event:

Doug Thompson, CEO, dot3

doug-thompson-beeknWhen Apple embraced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons last year, developers finally had a proximity-based technology that works across all the major phone platforms. It unleashed a wave of innovation – from amusement parks to museums, music events to amusement parks, retailers to your local church or library.

The simplicity of BLE technology has laid the groundwork for increasingly immersive and personalized digital engagements in place. It represents a significant wave of connected technologies that will change our perceptions of physical space. Whether combining context-aware phones with digital signage, beacons that can detect the temperature with pop-up social networks, or mesh networking with precision targeting of coupons – the future will see both new challenges and new opportunities for how we can create value and engagement with consumers.

Doug will provide insight into what Bluetooth LE beacons are and how they work, their limitations and challenges, and the lessons learned in how to deploy them effectively. He’ll outline emerging technology trends related to beacons including fleet management, cloud services, power conservation, beacon security, and integration with other technologies (including ARM processors and digital signage). 


He’ll outline five major implications for retail, business and brands as he projects a future in which “there is no offline” – including implications for privacy, architecture and interior design, and storytelling. 



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