DSrupted speaker profiles: Matt Arnold, Second Story

mattarnold2storyDSrupted is happening soon in sunny Toronto. The trade event, slated for September 17, 2014 is a subtle tweak of Digital Signage and Disrupted, and the handle for a new one-day conference.

The conference will focus on the emerging technologies that are changing the way Digital Signage projects are planned, budgeted and managed, and how this tech is greatly expanding the eco-system and competitive landscape.

Here’s the low-down on another awesome speaker at the Digital Signage event:

Matt Arnold, Lead Integration Engineer, Second Story

For years, Second Story, part of SapientNitro, has been creating installations that play out in the realm where the physical and digital worlds meet. Our approach is to find the narrative within content and spaces that allows us to build experiences rather than presentations. Through these narrative arcs and the balance of technology and design, we create smarter media that responds to audiences and envelops them in story, making the content feel more relevant and the experience feel more engaging and immersive. Matt Arnold’s talk will provide unique insights and examples of methods that will captivate your audience in a meaningful and participatory way at the crossroads of technology and place.



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