DSrupted speaker profiles: Paul Vincent, Neuranet

DSrupted is happening soon in sunny Toronto. The trade event, slated for September 17, 2014 is a subtle tweak of Digital Signage and Disrupted, and the handle for a new one-day conference.

The conference will focus on the emerging technologies that are changing the way Digital Signage projects are planned, budgeted and managed, and how this tech is greatly expanding the eco-system and competitive landscape.

Here’s the low-down on another awesome speaker at the Digital Signage event:


Paul Vincent, CEO, Neuranet


HTML5 and surrounding technologies are going to help drive explosive growth in the digital signage industry over the next few years. Due to its flexibility/adaptability it will also help drive significant innovation, in areas such as touch or proximity-based experiences.

Paul Vincent is the CEO and Founder of Neuranet, which builds Flexitive, a web publishing platform that not only has the most responsive web user interface for content – but also for advertising creative. Based on hybrid HTML5 & native code, it creates the most consistent and intuitive user experience across smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and the desktop. Paul’s career includes stints running digital operations at PostMedia, and in management roles with Microsoft in Canada and in his native New Zealand.





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