Video screens

Getting the most from digital signage advertising

As consumers begin to open up spending again, businesses need to use advertising campaigns to attract and engage. Through powerful innovations in software and ever-cheaper hardware, digital signage advertising is primed to take advantage of these new consumers.

Digital screens and posters

Digital billboards present one of the best examples of how an emerging trend can be quickly transformed by new innovations. Originally, the advertising value of digital billboards were viewed as all about eye-popping displays, video content, and the ability to modify or replace an ad display at a moment’s notice. These benefits are still powerful but zoning laws are becoming increasingly restrictive as to the size, brightness, and location of these billboards.

The mobile landscape

The ability of mobile networks and Bluetooth technology to send advertisements to the phones of drivers as they pass by is now seen as the future of digital billboards and, quite possibly, digital advertising in general.

Digital signage advertising advertising and content software

To stay on top of new innovations and emerging trends, you need digital software that can deliver capabilities that are compatible with the latest technology, along with a user-friendly interface that will allow companies to generate their ad content in a timely manner.

There are some super digital signage advertising and content management out there now, such as the Hub from L Squared, which can get your digital sign advertising up and running before you know it and give the tools necessary to monitor their effectiveness.



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