Kimberly Sarubbi, President and COO, Care Media Holding Corp.

Kimberly Sarubbi
President & COO
Care Media Holding Corp


As the Founder and Owner of Saddle Ranch Digital, Kim Sarubbi is recognized as a key thought leader in place based, out of home digital media. Since launching the company in 2001, Ms.Sarubbi has evolved Saddle Ranch Digital from a company focusing on content production for a handful of medical networks into an award-winning advanced media firm with a roster of global clients.

Recently, Ms. Sarubbi was made President of PetCARE TV a digital signage network in veterinarian offices. Ms. Sarubbi also serves on the Executive Committee of the Digital Signage Federation (DSF),and is also Chairwoman of the DSF, actively supporting and promoting the common business interests of the world-wide digital signage industry, the interactive technologies industry and the digital out-of-home network industry. With 20 years of experience spanning film, television, digital signage, sales and marketing, together with a tirelessly vibrant presence, Kim is a force both on and off the podium and has become a popular speaker and panel chair at leading industry events.

Recruited out of the University of Central Florida where she majored in Communications with a focus on Corporate Business and Development while also being a member or ARMY ROTC and fulfilling her duties as Miss UCF 1993. Sarubbi was charged with the responsibility of all in house production for the newly emerging “My Pet TV” (MPTV). MPTV, a producer of pet programming based at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. She P=produced a half dozen TV series, including the highly successful “Petsville Shopping Club on QVC”, into syndication during her tenure. Each of these TV series was sponsored by anchor advertisers secured by Sarubbi. When MPTV was sold to a group of LA investors, Sarubbi relocated to Los Angeles. Since then Saddle Ranch Productions d.b.a Saddle Ranch Digital has become a Global Leader in Digital Signage Content Production. Ms. Sarubbi is consistently chosen to speak at many industry events.


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