Digital Signage Software

Digital signage tip 2: Content should be engaging

Make Your Content Lively

If your content looks like TV, people will tune it out. Your employees will hate the repetitive nature of the loop. It just won’t work. You might want to consider a system that allows you to interface your signage easily to your point-of-sale system, inventory management system, web store, etc.

This way your screens can automatically adjust their price with little or no manual intervention. This allows you to directly advertise the same products in different stores for different prices to maximize your profits. If your signage network doesn’t have a call to action, “buy now for this price”, it might not be that effective in retail. Let’s take another example. A convenience store has a promotion on Sprite — a very effective campaign with a call to action. Everyone is incredibly happy with the results…or are they? On day two, sales fall to zero.

What happened?

They ran out of Sprite and the driver for Coke isn’t scheduled to restock for another two days. Major problem. What if your system were instead attached to the point of sale system, where it could substitute another product automatically when one product was sold out. It’s possible and not hard, but will require the right software solution and a plan up front to deal with that possibility. Providing national, regional, and local content can also be a way to make your system more interesting. This sounds simple, but have you done that before and is your system capable of that? What impact does this have on your production costs? Can you make changes without re-encoding your MPEG files? What impact does that have on the bandwidth requirements when you now need to do national, regional and local insertion?


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