Digital Displays

Old school v new: What sets digital signage apart from traditional marketing and comms channels?

What are the benefits of digital signage compared to traditional media?

Digital signage helps users display their messages more dynamically and in a targeted manner. In today`s media cluttered environment dynamic images are, frankly, more appealing – and can convey considerably much more information than ‘old school’ static signage.

Each display, connected to the network via media players, can convey different messaging. It allows you to tune your message to your audience. Making your message more relevant and enabling you to communicate with the public in the most targeted way.

Digital signage software: New, shiny and rather awesome!

Technology has evolved so much that users of Digital Signage Content Management Systems can manage digital signage from a single location with  software. Heck! You could sit on a tropical beach and coordinate huge multi-locational campaigns with a few clicks!

Today’s software options – such as the awesome new Hub from L Squared Digital Signage – allows you to create, schedule and distribute your playlists. Each Adtraxion Player in the network can easily be updated via any network connection. This allows users to update their digital signage frequently and decide more precisely what messages has to be shown throughout the day.



Oh.. and it also eliminates the hight cost of regular printing and logistics. Take that old school signage and marcomms!



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