DSrupted event underway in Toronto

The DSrupted event, produced by well-known Digital Signage thought leader, Dave Haynes. is packed out! Over 120 industry experts have come together today to listen to awesome sessions and connect with new partners. 

Highlights so far include: 

Cloud Technologies: Vidya NagarajanProduct Manager, Chrome Devices For Enterprise, Google

vidya_picBased in San Francisco, Vidya has 14 years of experience in cloud computing, spanning Product Management, Operations, Technical Account Management, Customer and Partner Program Management in the Enterprise space.

How HTML5 Will Drive Explosive Growth in Digital Signage: Paul Vincent, CEO, Neuranet


HTML5 and surrounding technologies are going to help drive explosive growth in the digital signage industry over the next few years. Due to its flexibility/adaptability it will also help drive significant innovation, in areas such as touch or proximity-based experiences.

Beacon Technology and IOT: Digital Engagement in PlaceDoug Thompson, CEO, dot3

doug-thompson-beeknWhen Apple embraced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons last year, developers finally had a proximity-based technology that works across all the major phone platforms. It unleashed a wave of innovation – from amusement parks to museums, music events to amusement parks, retailers to your local church or library. Dougs talked to the audience about exciting new beacon technologies. 


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