Blizzard does Digital Signage Right


This past weekend in a subway station in Shanghai, Blizzard Entertainment partnered with

NetEase to create a real life interactive version of their dark portal from the recently released expansion

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.


The interactive digital signage used a two way camera where passer-bys could see characters

from the recently released expansion as well being placed into the portal itself. It’s truly a sight to

behold watching subway-goers shooting fireballs alongside their favourite MMO characters. This is a

prime example of how a video game company can use digital signage as a tool to enthrall potential

customers, while garnering world-wide attention through advertising.


This advertisement is part of a worldwide campaign that saw Blizzard placing a larger than life

axe through a NYC cab in Time Square as well as completely transforming a Mcdonald’s in china into a

World of Warcraft themed restaurant.

Learn more:


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