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Bringing digital signage into your marketing mix

Digital signage strategy should align with and support a company’s marketing and branding strategy, but it is very important to understand the medium and its intended audience and use. It is important to build a strategy with a solid foundation that promotes, protects and strengthens the company brand.

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The real magic happens when you can strike a balance between the company’s marketing strategy and effective employee engagement.

In a corporate environment, one must recognize how easy it can be for content to become white noise. Remember employees, unlike retail audiences, are captive audiences. Building and maintaining a trust with this audience can be very difficult, but not impossible.

Every successful system begins with a strong foundation, build yours hand-in-hand with your company’s strategy — but don’t stop building! Break your content strategy into sections; enterprise messaging, brand awareness, rewards and recognition, etc. Do some research and find out what will make the audience look up. For some, it is seeing production data while for others it is seeing themselves through rewards and recognition.


Create visually dynamic messages based on your findingsand consider these questions:

• What can you do as content creator to build that trust with the employees?
• How can I ensure material is relevant to their everyday existence?
• How can I ensure the content is accurate and timely?

Building onto the foundation of your company’s branding strategy while following through with your role to engage the employee will produce a strong corporate communications channel. Ultimately, the question isn’t whether or not to align, it’s how, why and to what degree.


Mattel Surprises Customers with Pictionary Interactive Game

In Sherway Gardens in Mississauga Ontario, Canada, Mattel recently unveiled an ad campaign

where shoppers could interact with a digital sign located within the mall and play an interactive game of



Upon the correct answers the players would be entertained with the word they had guessed

as well as being given copies of Mattel made board games for the road. Everything from marching

bands to 7 feet tall teddy bears were unveiled as surprises to the crowd upon the correct answer

stopping shoppers in their tracks. Mattel further utilized this digital signage campaign and created a

commercial which can be viewed here which shows how digital signage and interactive games can

improve a company’s fan base while leaving everyone smiling at the end of the day.

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