Affiliate marketing goes well with a pinch of digital signage

Have you considered affiliate marketing in your digital signage space?

Affiliate marketing allows a business to reward one or more affiliated brands or vendors for each visitor or customer drawn in by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. If you’re an SMB, using a pinch of digital signage can be an excellent way to overcome traditional barriers to market.

This marketing channel is used on digital mediums – websites, blogs and in stores that employ digital signage.

The internet of things

The Internet has taken over as the primary opinion leader that people turn to when considering a new purchase. Digital endorsements play a big role in where we choose to shop, what to buy and where to eat, so smart business owners should take the time to consider the most effective ways to communicate with their customers.


Technology has changed the way we buy

Shopping habits have evolved as consumers have become more tech savvy. Stores that utilize digital signage are a prime opportunity for affiliate marketing. Rather than spending advertising dollars on campaigns that people are likely to avoid or not even see, communicate with shoppers in their preferred digital channels.

Pays for itself

Given all that we know, then, affiliate marketing and digital signage seems like the ideal pairing. These media virtually guarantee that customers will see important messages about new products or information about current or future promotions in-store by conveying them at the most important point: while the customer is in the store browsing or waiting on line.

An affiliate marketing campaign may showcase a product or brand on a store’s digital signage to help boost sales for both parties. In fact, some stores can generate enough additional sales to pay for their entire digital signage set up and then some!

Digital signage is one of the most customizable forms of publicity, so these ads can be changed often to complement the business by elevating the status of certain brands, services or suppliers that want to raise brand awareness and generate additional revenue.

Tracking those KPIs

Companies can set up a people counting system around their digital signage to see how many people are reading the sign and viewing the marketing messaging. These sensors recognize when a customer has entered the digital signage zone and provide retailers with valuable information about how many people entered these zones and their traffic patterns within the store.

Along with sales funnel info, these stats serve as powerful indicators of marketing success. Counts can be correlated with your retail POS software to see if specific messaging led to an uptick in sales for the product or brand at the center of the campaign.



10 top Digital Signage and AV publications and 10 more on the up

There are lots of cool was to discover the approximate web traffic of publications within AV and Digital Signage. Using, here’s a breakdown of the ten top sites in the sector and their respective number of visitors in the last month. We have also mentioned 10 more trade publications we’d suggest you watch out for in the coming years!

Digital Signage Magazines

10 popular Digital Signage websites by monthly traffic:

  1. – 180,800 visitors p/m
  2. – 107,400 visitors p/m
  3. – 86,800 visitors p/m
  4. – 81,000 visitors p/m
  5. – 79,600 visitors p/m
  6. – 58,200 visitors p/m
  7. – 53,200 visitors p/m
  8. – 51,600 visitors p/m
  9. – 48,200 visitors p/m
  10. – 39,900 visitors p/m


Extra, Extra: More Digital Signage and AV publications to watch out for:


  1. – traffic unknown
  2. – well, we just had to do a shameless plug..
  3. – 26,300
  4. – 3,800
  5. – traffic unknown
  6. – traffic unknown
  7. – traffic unknown
  8. – traffic unknown
  9. – traffic unknown
  10. – 13,900

NB: The number of visits differs from visitors (or unique visitors). Visits includes multiple visits from the same individual (repeat visits).

Corporate Partnerships: Picking the right companies for your network

Developing partnerships in and around Digital Signage is a big challenge. When done correctly, however, the benefits and be huge!

How to build a corporate network in the right ways

1. Don’t be proud! Understand your business and its strengths

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Identifying your companies unique proposition and how it could work within an affilate web can, actually, be a tough exerise. In order for you to bring the most valuable products, services and expertise possible to a partnership discussion, you must agree in which services you excel. Pride in believing that your business can ‘do it all’ is most likely just that, pride. Swallow that pride and agree the things you can deliver and which services are better left to your corporate network partners.

2. Identify your ideal partner and tailor materials to meet their needs

By identifying the gaps in your offering (be they caused by high overheads, lack of internal experience/technology or brand identity) you have the foundations to grow your network of digital signage partners. Create materials for each target partner service area and do you homework to find out who would make you’re ideal partner. Would they be, for example, a SMB with nimble marketing and quick decision making or would they be a larger, better resourced corporate who might dominate the partner branding?

3. Go forth and multiply

Create a wish lists of excellent companies within each service category which you want to offer as part of a wider network and take your researched, agreed and professionally package proposal to each. If you’re affiliate program promises exclusivity in a service area to members, be sure not to bring more than one vendor in at a time.

Now go forth and seek those partnerships. Remember that corporate alliances are about trust so consider picking up the phone for that all important intro rather than an email, social message or other channel.

4. Review at regular intervals

Once you start promoting the network’s services and offering leads to members, its importance that you agree, either as a group, or between individual members to have regular meetings to review contributions and results from each party to ensure that each company is getting benefit. Identifying gaps early can stop lots hassle later down the line.

5. Don’t settle – branch out

Image your affiliate network has been up and running for a while and yourt the best at what you do. Don’t stop there, branch out! Always remember that your competitors won’t stand still so neither should you!