Sony Centre and Taste of Life Bring Shen Yun to Toronto

Friends of Digital Signage eXaminer, Taste of Life Magazine and The Philip Princeton Creative Branding Agency, are hosting a evening VIP event here in Toronto later this month.


Part of a 5 day extravaganza at the Sony Centre – one of THE best locations in Canada’s largest city for AV and acoustics – the evening will feature world-renowned  Shen Yun.


MagazineLaunched in September 2009, Taste of Life Magazine (TOL) is the only luxury bi-lingual (Chinese and English) lifestyle magazine in Canada.

TOL is dedicated to bridging East and West through a shared appreciation for the beauty and elegance rooted in both traditions. It is an ideal showcase of refined lifestyle inspired by wisdom instilled in us from Eastern and Western cultures.

TOL serves as the gateway for Asian immigrants to discover and appreciate Western values, and for westerners to understand authentic Chinese culture.

6:00 Pre-Show VIP Reception with hot Hors D’Oeuvres and food station

7:00 Shen Yun
10:00 Post-Show “Meet-the-Artists”
Dress Code: Cocktail



For tickets, call 416.271.8436 or visit:


New Video: What is Digital Signage?

L Squared Digital Signage, end-to-end hardware/software vendors, have recently released a new ‘overview video’ which outlines the essence of digital signage and the features and benefits of the communication medium.

rent Nacu, Director of Business Development said: “The market just doesn’t have enough clear, educational and informational clips on the business cases of digital signage” says Brent Nacu, Director of Business Development at L Squared.  “We find in many cases, that there are consistently 20-40% of stakeholders in a meeting who are not clear on exactly what Digital Signage is or how it can improve operations. A CIO/CTO grouping can usually spearhead the business interests of a company, but it’s when HR, Marketing, Finance VP’s and even into Private Owner’s become involved where their understanding fades and can become a barrier to adoption.”

“Our video is designed to support reseller programs and B2B partners as the key introductory piece after greetings. The video is designed to get everyone on the same page with a clear focus and understanding of how and why Digital Signage is a must-have. “

L Squared launched the video in a series of informative clips designed to support the growth of their new Content Management System (CMS) the L Squared HUB. For more information on products or partnerships contact:


L Squared Digital Signage to sponsor HR event

Digital Signage gets everywhere! Even, it seems, at key HR events.

Why? Well.. digital Signage is not just about attracting and engaging with end user prospects. The medium also offers many important benefits to internal communications.

Company news, employee profiles, wayfinding, urgent updates and employer branding are just some of the ways HR professionals use Digital Signage to communicate with employees.

As part of their drive to help educate HR professionals about the features and merit of digital screens, L Squared Digital Signage has  teamed up with the very successful SocialHRCamp event and will be a key sponsor at the Toronto camp in November.

“HR and Digital Signage are natural bed fellows” explains Gajendra Ratnavel, CEO. “We’ve worked on lots of internal communications initiatives where we’ve introduced the hardware and software components to allow companies across North America offer powerful new to convey corporate message and branding”.

Gajendra continues: “One of our Marketing and Communications team members was involved in Jeff Waldman’s event last year and explained that, somewhat amazingly, there are no other Digital Signage companies present so we thought something needed to be done about that.! SocialHRCamp is an event geared towards learning and embracing new technologies in the world of Human Resources and we hope that, by sponsoring and offering an seminar to Toronto’s finest senior HR pros we can help spread the word about why Digital Signage is an absolute necessity for HR teams looking to maximise employee engagement and grow productivity”.