Sony Centre and Taste of Life Bring Shen Yun to Toronto

Friends of Digital Signage eXaminer, Taste of Life Magazine and The Philip Princeton Creative Branding Agency, are hosting a evening VIP event here in Toronto later this month.


Part of a 5 day extravaganza at the Sony Centre – one of THE best locations in Canada’s largest city for AV and acoustics – the evening will feature world-renowned  Shen Yun.


MagazineLaunched in September 2009, Taste of Life Magazine (TOL) is the only luxury bi-lingual (Chinese and English) lifestyle magazine in Canada.

TOL is dedicated to bridging East and West through a shared appreciation for the beauty and elegance rooted in both traditions. It is an ideal showcase of refined lifestyle inspired by wisdom instilled in us from Eastern and Western cultures.

TOL serves as the gateway for Asian immigrants to discover and appreciate Western values, and for westerners to understand authentic Chinese culture.

6:00 Pre-Show VIP Reception with hot Hors D’Oeuvres and food station

7:00 Shen Yun
10:00 Post-Show “Meet-the-Artists”
Dress Code: Cocktail



For tickets, call 416.271.8436 or visit:


Blizzard does Digital Signage Right


This past weekend in a subway station in Shanghai, Blizzard Entertainment partnered with

NetEase to create a real life interactive version of their dark portal from the recently released expansion

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor.


The interactive digital signage used a two way camera where passer-bys could see characters

from the recently released expansion as well being placed into the portal itself. It’s truly a sight to

behold watching subway-goers shooting fireballs alongside their favourite MMO characters. This is a

prime example of how a video game company can use digital signage as a tool to enthrall potential

customers, while garnering world-wide attention through advertising.


This advertisement is part of a worldwide campaign that saw Blizzard placing a larger than life

axe through a NYC cab in Time Square as well as completely transforming a Mcdonald’s in china into a

World of Warcraft themed restaurant.

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Big Gaming Event Happening in Toronto

Canada will gather this week to celebrate its world-class video game developers at the 5th Annual Canadian Videogame Awards ceremony to take place in Toronto, Ontario on November 21, 2014.  The Canadian Videogame Awards will be held at the beautiful Carlu in the heart of downtown Toronto.

As the third largest developer of video games in the world, this show celebrates Canada’s spot on the world stage as a leader in interactive entertainment. The CVAs have always been designed to be “by the industry and for the industry” with an interest in engaging public and fan participation.

The 2014 show will include games developed in Canada and released in 2013 and 2014. The awards will be awarded separately, based on nomination year, in one ceremony. Award nominations for 2013 have already closed and the adjudication process will continue as planned. Nomination details for 2014 will be announced in June.

The Canadian Videogame Awards are produced by Reboot Communications and Greedy Productions, and are officially endorsed by DigiBC, Interactive Ontario and the Entertainment Software Association of Canada. The producers are joined by a national industry committee of developers and leaders of the Canadian digital entertainment industry.

Watch the 2014 Canadian Videogame Awards Promo video here: