Canadian Gaming Awards Review: Fantastic Venue and Awesome AV

Held at the historic Carlu in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, The Canadian Video Game Awards (CVAs) set place on November 21, 2014. This year’s awards were a culmination of both 2013 and 2014, encapsulating the audience for a real treat.


In the VIP reception section the Canadian Video Game Awards utilized digital signage by engaging the attendees with a photo booth where they could interact with an on screen display, which included advertising and any photo’s were immediately uploaded to the twittersphere. Inside the award ceremony chambers the CVA’s needed to find a way to effortlessly switch between awards to be given out in a category for both 2013 and 2014. In order to do this the CVA’s turned to digital signage.

The elegant display surrounding both sides of the stage helped engage award attendees and get them to take note of the signage displaying lively animations to keep their attention. The AV performance was impressive. Behind the presenters attendees were constantly blasted with various graphic design animations accompanied with enthralling, originally composed songs.


While nominees were being announced their games were placed on the illustrious 20ft by 30ft high definition projected display. The display was clear and crisp and truly brought out the detail and artwork the game designers had worked so meticulously on creating their masterpieces.

If you missed your chance to attend the CVAs this in 2014, they will be held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2015, for anyone who has interest in digital signage, game design and development, broadcasting, or video games themselves this is an event that you should make time to see in 2015.