Our partners work closely with lots of great media brands and associations across digital messaging and end users.

Our network is made up of like-minded media, corporate and association partners keen to work together to spread first-rate industry content to a collective audience of millions of B2B decision makers.

  • Email: Circulation of 100,000 Managers and above in industries such as Digital Signage, AV, Audio, Digital Tech, Marketing, Sales, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, Retail, Conferences & Events, Government and Finance.
  • Social media: Our network’s social reach is over 2,000,000 Twitter followers alone! We also communicate through LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook,, and more!
  • Advertising opportunities: Get in front of your target segments with branding and lead generation
  • Media coverage: Access 100s  of Press contacts with a need for excellent content about Digital Signage, AV, Audio, Digital Tech, Marketing, Sales, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education, Retail, Conferences & Events, Government, Finance and more!
  • Reselling & Referrals: Enjoy lots of new leads through our corporate partners
  • Press release distribution: Tell the world about your company’s successes and developments by spreading the word with our media reach.
  • Content exchange: Exchange guest posts and reviews with DSX and our partners to improve your inbound traffic
  • Link and logo exchange: Share the link love and get more eyeballs on your website
  • Consultative services: Get expert advise and services from our Digital Signage and Content gurus
  • Member savings: Discounts on industry services and events


Contact us to learn more:

Here are some of the brands we’d recommend to our readers:

Digital Signage Pulse

Computer Dealer News

Digital Signage Today Magazine

Digital Signage Experts Group

Automated Buildings Magazine



Digital Signage Connection

Southern Hospitality Professional

Retail Wire

HRreview Magazine

Associations Now Magazine

Exhibit City

Sound and Communications Magazine



AV Magazine Australia

Meetings and Conventions Magazine




Output Magazine



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